Laugh it off and hope they’ll stop

Ready for a bedtime story? Be warned, this one might give some of you nightmares. A young woman was travelling home from work. As she stood on the crowded tube carriage, she realised she would have to move slightly to let other passengers off. So she did. Everyone by the doors shuffled into what little… Continue reading Laugh it off and hope they’ll stop


Why women can’t be angry

Let’s take a moment and look at the phrase “calm your tits”, shall we? I’m not going to analyse it, I just want you to think about what a ridiculous thing it is that this phrase even exists, let alone how legitimised it’s become. Have you ever seen what happens when you tell a woman… Continue reading Why women can’t be angry


Ghosting? Us? Yeah, kinda.

Okay, so some of you have spotted that we've been a little off-radar this summer. Sorry about that, but we promise we've missed you all! A lot has been going on for us the last few months, and our tiny team has got even tinier as we've had to say goodbye to Producer Extraordinaire Ollie… Continue reading Ghosting? Us? Yeah, kinda.


Celebrating Pride as a Bisexual

So, speaking on behalf of all bisexuals everywhere... there's no such thing as a universal bisexual experience! Whoops, gotcha! Welcome to Pride Month, except we have already warned you that we are taking 2 months and there's nothing anyone can do about it. This year's pride celebrations are particularly significant to me, because it's the… Continue reading Celebrating Pride as a Bisexual


Episode 24

In the first episode of Pride Month(s) - we're taking 2 months because we sort of can and also we just want to - we're not at all shocked that Trump is refusing to acknowledge it. However, we're pleasantly surprised that Roseanne's racist tweets had such a major negative impact on her career. Meanwhile, in… Continue reading Episode 24


Do not give Trump the Nobel Peace Prize (pretty please)

Donald J. Trump has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. We have thoughts on this, would you like to hear them? Of course you wouldn't, but here they are anyway! The 45th President of the United States of America is an unapologetic bigot, the picture of prejudice, and has no respect or regard for… Continue reading Do not give Trump the Nobel Peace Prize (pretty please)


Mental Health Awareness Week: where do we stand?

Recently in the UK was Mental Health awareness week. If you've listened to our latest episode, you'll have heard how excited we were for it. Because if we at Anxious and Insecure are aware of anything, it's our mental health (because it's terrible). With corporations and brands getting on board with the Week, and campaigns… Continue reading Mental Health Awareness Week: where do we stand?