Episode 14

This week, Trump insults the struggling NHS because American healthcare is so flawless they can get away with it. The UK celebrates 100 years since the first little batch of women were allowed to vote, and Arthur will not stop singing at every opportunity.

Meanwhile, we express a clear and unsurprising preference in the Superbowl (it’s that we prefer the Puppy Bowl), and sing the praises of a high school that raised a Black Lives Matter flag.

In Brexit news, who can tell what’s happening? It’s a shambles all the time and everyone’s angry at each other. Kind of like Trump’s government, who may or may not be conducting a military parade for some reason.

Listen on if you want to hear Oli get far too agitated over pancake preferences, because Pancake Day is clearly more important than Valentine’s Day and should be defended at all costs.

All this, plus a total stab in the dark at a listener’s accent, and more!

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