Episode 18

It’s our super-special, unsurprisingly-late, International Women’s Day episode! Is it bigger than Christmas? We say so.

We have some fun news stories for you, like assassination attempts and alligators in public, but we also talk a lot about lady rights. So prepare yourselves for that.

IWD has been big this year (yay!), and a whole bunch of brands have jumped on the bandwagon to celebrate and help women and their causes. From Barbies to beers, lots went on and plenty of it was decent, if not great.

However, some brands did things like using the word “shero” (listen out for some contrasting reactions to that word) or failing to use their global brand and position of power to actually make an impact in any real way.

But don’t worry, women can’t have all the attention! If you’ve ever wondered about the difference between kids’ TV theme songs in the UK and USA – who hasn’t? – you are in the right place. Get ready to hear some squeaky-voiced puppets and cartoons.

And stick around until the end to hear Arthur do something super embarrassing!

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