Episode 12

In which Oli croaks and mumbles throughout, Arthur believes another obvious lie, and Ollie suffers totally unwarranted character assassination.

We also do some real news discussions, at some point. In the UK, we talk about the (probably unwise) release of convicted rapist John Worboys, and come to the conclusion that having fewer sex attackers on the streets is probably a good thing.

Luckily, non-violent sexual harassment is still a big thing! Phew. Hear us talk Presidents’ Club dinner and draw an unexpected conclusion. Wait, no, the conclusion is obvious.

Hop across to the good ol’ US of A, and we’re weighing in on the abuse of police power, in support of Bethany Nava and Serena Lechuga. These atrocious women apparently took a metro incorrectly, so simply had to be arrested.

Wondering about the popularity of Taco Bell? Wonder no more with our feature on a restaurant’s funeral and the one location in the UK that certain Americans find way too exciting.

All this, plus more! Including spotted dick, the Wonder Twins (Trump and May country ruining powers, activate!), and what happens when Miriam Margolyes tries to talk to a white man in Arkansas.



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