Do not give Trump the Nobel Peace Prize (pretty please)

Donald J. Trump has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. We have thoughts on this, would you like to hear them?

Of course you wouldn’t, but here they are anyway!

The 45th President of the United States of America is an unapologetic bigot, the picture of prejudice, and has no respect or regard for law, democracy or even other people.

This is not a man deserving of any award.

Look, we aren’t denying that the North Korea situation is a huge deal. It represents an unbelievable opportunity to help bring peace to the Korean Peninsula. It could mean that untold numbers of North Korean citizens are able to avoid starvation and oppression.

Of course, this is all assuming it goes well. Call us cynical, but we can’t shake the fear that something will bring this process down and fuck things up worse than they were before.

We don’t want to name any names here (Trump), but while Kim is a tyrannical dictator if ever we did see one – in our opinion – there’s someone else (Trump) who seems like the more unpredictable element here (it’s Trump).

Science experiment chemistry elements
Get it? Unpredictable element? Isn’t science fun?

Furthermore, let us be reminded of a few things.

Sure, Trump is doing this whole North Korea thing and it’s unprecedented. But what about how deeply he is being investigated for corruption?

What about his blatant disregard for the human rights of anyone who isn’t rich, male, white and American by birth?

What about his uncontrollable mood swings and the fuel of petulance and stubbornness that fuels them?

What about his apparent inability to consider the consequences of his actions or words, even though he is the ‘Leader of the Free World’?

What about his changeability, lack of focus, inability to acknowledge facts that aren’t in his favour, constant clashes with the media, terrible attitude, obvious disinterest in the truth, and megalomania?

We have other points. We haven’t even got started.

This is not a man deserving of any award.

This is a man who is hated by the majority of the citizens in his own country, because they (and we) think he is not only a bad President, but a bad person to boot.

And so we appeal to the committee who may or may not be considering him for the prize this year, and will apparently be sure to consider him next year.

Because obviously they read our blog. Hi guys!

This is not a man deserving of any award.

Do not give him one. We are begging you.

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