This generation is so entitled. But so is that one, and so are the others.

I’ve been thinking about this whole “Millennials are so entitled, Millennials are so lazy” thing. You might be surprised (unless you know me even a little bit) to find out that I think it’s rubbish.

Every generation is entitled. Everybody thinks they should have things as easy as their parents did – easier, even, thanks to technology – or at least how easy it seems their parents did.

This phenomenon of blaming everything on Millennials, calling them entitled, or spoiled, or snowflakes [insert rolling eyes emoji x100], is not new. Our grandparents thought their kids were too liberal, too sensitive, had everything handed to them on a plate.

Those kids, believe it or not, turned into our parents; grown-ups who now accuse us of the same thing their parents accused them.

The difference with each generation is that technology makes them more vocal, and therefore makes the ‘grumpy old people’ more vocal at the same time. It happened with TV, it’s happening with Social Media, and it happened with the printing press before any of that.

Today’s lesson: don’t lecture, teach

Oh god, it’s such a cliché, isn’t it?

Look, some clichés are there for a reason. Let’s unpack this particular one for a second and see where we can fit the pieces. Ooh, we love a metaphor…

How about, instead of getting grumpy with the younger generations, you take a minute to talk about what you went through to make your way, and ask them what they’re going through to find theirs?

How about, rather than dismissing and resenting the older generations, you try to open up a conversation about how certain aspects of modern life make your journey different to theirs?

How about everybody has a go at being a bit more understanding, dropping the stubborn resentment, and bringing in some cooperation?

This whole thing sounded really preachy, didn’t it?

“Ooh, just be nice. Aww, just try to get on. Gosh, it’s not that difficult.”

Yeah, well, I’m a bit preachy. But mostly, I’m just sick of seeing the same conversations over and over again; I’m sick of watching people be hateful, simply because they can’t be bothered to think objectively and have some understanding.

So just, like, don’t do that. Make some effort, don’t be stubborn. I’ll work on it if you do.

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