Episode 11

This week we address two very different but still both important cases of sexually predatory behaviour – Aziz Ansari and Larry Nassar. Then, we hear about a sorority girl who said some racist things. Nobody is surprised by it.
In the UK, we explain the Carillion downfall and how capitalism is gross and ruined. Guess they won’t be building that giant Bridge to France suggested by “genius” Boris Johnson. The French President visits, brings us a nice tapestry and asks for some money to help the never-ending refugee crisis that people are still trying to ignore.
Speaking of ignoring things, Trump’s doctors ignore their responsibility to tell the truth about his health, and tell everyone he’s in great shape. Or he would be, if he were actually the height and weight they claim, and was a different person entirely.
But, one year into office, he clearly doesn’t care anymore. “What’s he acheived?” you ask? Why, diddly squat for the good, but he’s given out some awards for people who openly dislike him. So, that kept him away from the button for a while, which is nice.
Anyway, all this and more from us this week.

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