We’re bloggers now

Howdy-hi-hello, and welcome to the brand new blog for Anxious and Insecure!

We know you love listening to our voices, despite all the mean things some people keep saying about them.

The thing is, we just have so much to say! If we tried to fit everything into our episodes, Oli and Arthur would go hoarse, and Ollie would go into hiding so he didn’t have to edit all our rants.

So we’ve introduced a brand spanking new blog to your lives, where you can find our thoughts on news, politics and culture without the risk of someone tongue popping without warning.

But what will we ever talk about??

We know, it’s difficult to get any talking out of us. We’re very shy and don’t like to weigh in on the big issues.

Oh gosh, can you imagine??

Basically, we’ll be giving our opinions on what’s going in the world (most of them will be along the lines of “what a shit show”), just like we do in our hit podcast, but in writing.

Obviously, we have a lot of thoughts about everything that happens, but we want to hear from you!

Drop us a line to ask us about issues you want to discuss, we’ll do all the Wikipedia-ing for you so you don’t have to!

See how easy we’ve made it?

You don’t even have to go and write a full email to (but you could, if you wanted to).

Alternatively, you can hit us up on Twitter at @anxandins, Facebook at Anxious and Insecure, or Instagram at @anxiousandinsecure, because social media is pretty much in control of the world now.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

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