Warning: this podcast contains strong language, politics, bad jokes and the opinions of young people.

“Anxious and Insecure is a current affairs podcast with the two most millennial millennials ever.” – Fmr Producer Ollie Samuels, without any prompting

The Perfect Storm of Anxiety, Arthur Garcia III, met the Physical Manifestation of Insecurity, Oli Foster, long, long ago.

Picture it: 2016, the early days of the apocalypse, and two unpaid interns strike up a friendship over a mutual love of drag queens, mood rings, and jokes about penises.

After being tragically separated for many months, the two were finally reunited and vowed to inflict their social commentary and dark, dark humour on anyone who was open to podcast recommendations and susceptible to peer pressure.

Luckily, the pair had a secret weapon: The Producer (he insisted they call him that). Built by former BBC scientists, Ollie Samuels had never done anything except produce radio shows and other such audio-based content.

A little eyelash fluttering, followed by a promise to stop said fluttering forever, was enough to convince him to pity the two young scamps, and a podcast was born.

Now, Anxious and Insecure is a wildly successful fortnightly podcast, with new episodes airing every other Sunday night (usually).