If you ain’t talking money, I don’t wanna talk

They don’t want you to talk about money.

We live in a world where consumerism is everywhere, and there’s always something new and better to buy.

But we also live in a world where a lot (like, a really gross amount) of people can barely afford to get by. And plenty can’t even afford that.

Weirdly – except not weirdly at all, but more on that later – there is also a great big taboo around talking about money. If you’re having money troubles, you keep quiet about your shameful secret.

Here’s the thing: DON’T DO THAT.

This could be you, awesome

Money is difficult to handle.

Not everyone is good with budgeting. You should be able to ask for help creating or managing a budget without feeling ashamed.

You should also be able to talk about your budget openly, and say “I can’t afford it” without shame.

Keeping up appearances is a bunch of bollocks. Living beyond your means to make people think you’re more financially successful is stupid.

If you have a different reason for doing it, or it’s for safety or security somehow, I get that. The problem here isn’t you, it’s the situation or society that makes you think you have to appear financially secure or successful.

Don’t live beyond your means to keep up appearances.

It’s okay to get your bread one slice at a time

Talk about money at work because you know your worth and you need to be able to ask for it.

People who don’t know the average wage for their job don’t know if they’re on it. It’s in the interests of the people who have all the money to keep what they’re paying people a secret.

They don’t want you to talk about money. They don’t want you to stop yourself from buying things you can’t afford.

I’m trying not to sound like too much of a conspiracy theory hippy, but fuck it. The Man™️ wants to pay you nothing and encourage you to spend more and more.


“I can’t afford it” is not a shameful statement. Not to you, it’s shameful to capitalism and consumerism. Anyone who shamed you for not having money doesn’t understand the value of money

Be the change

Don’t shame other people for not having money. Even something as simple as “don’t be so boring” is disrespectful. It just is, sorry to be the one to tell you but if you’re calling me boring because I have no money, you’re the problem.


Understand that your friends can’t afford to go to dinner. Cook at home, together.

They can’t afford the gym? Go do yoga or boxercise in their bedroom.

No cinema trip? Netflix and don’t make it weird. You can make your own popcorn.

Or go do it by yourself, and leave them in peace.

One thought on “If you ain’t talking money, I don’t wanna talk

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