We’re bloggers now

Howdy-hi-hello, and welcome to the brand new blog for Anxious and Insecure! We know you love listening to our voices, despite all the mean things some people keep saying about them. The thing is, we just have so much to say! If we tried to fit everything into our episodes, Oli and Arthur would go… Continue reading We’re bloggers now


Episode 21

This week we all try to wrestle with our abandonment issues as Arthur leaves us again and Ollie steps in. In the UK, there will be no politicians at the royal wedding, but that's probably because they're all busy being antisemitic all the time. These two stories may not actually be linked. Across the pond,… Continue reading Episode 21


Episode 20

This week we start off light-hearted with an in-depth discussion of gun violence, the Black Lives Matter movement, and how systemic racism still reigns in the USA. Then we take a trip back to primary school, or elementary for some, and revisit lessons about sharing and being nice that some people haven't quite hung onto… Continue reading Episode 20