Why women can’t be angry

Let’s take a moment and look at the phrase “calm your tits”, shall we? I’m not going to analyse it, I just want you to think about what a ridiculous thing it is that this phrase even exists, let alone how legitimised it’s become. Have you ever seen what happens when you tell a woman… Continue reading Why women can’t be angry


Episode 24

In the first episode of Pride Month(s) - we're taking 2 months because we sort of can and also we just want to - we're not at all shocked that Trump is refusing to acknowledge it. However, we're pleasantly surprised that Roseanne's racist tweets had such a major negative impact on her career. Meanwhile, in… Continue reading Episode 24


The Importance of Being Meghan

The marriage between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle took place this past Saturday, and never have I seen so many British people with smiles on their faces. Yes, I've seen royal weddings on television before - S/O to Will and Kate - but never while being in London, surrounded by British people, and at a… Continue reading The Importance of Being Meghan