Season 2 Episode 1

We're back. No, it's not a mirage. Oli and Arthur are back in your ears and less able to follow their own trails of thought than ever! In this episode, we discuss environmental issues, political turmoil, inter-generational conflict, mental health, and eggs. Obviously. Want to hear more? Then listen. It's a podcast, duh.


Do Less: multitasking sucks

A wise and treasured man once gave me some advice about multitasking. Think about this clearly for a minute. Obviously, we're all busy. Some of us have incredibly successful blog/podcast brands to run. Some of us have to set aside time to lie to people about the success of their blog/podcast brand. Others are, apparently,… Continue reading Do Less: multitasking sucks


You don’t have to be grateful for your hardships

One of those platitudes that many people love to throw about about hardships is that they make you stronger. These people are wrong. Perhaps they are well-meaning (oh dear), or perhaps they have not really dealt with significant hardship (double dear), but the fact remains that they are wrong. You aren't strong because you suffer,… Continue reading You don’t have to be grateful for your hardships


Mental Health Awareness Week: where do we stand?

Recently in the UK was Mental Health awareness week. If you've listened to our latest episode, you'll have heard how excited we were for it. Because if we at Anxious and Insecure are aware of anything, it's our mental health (because it's terrible). With corporations and brands getting on board with the Week, and campaigns… Continue reading Mental Health Awareness Week: where do we stand?